Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for the Personal Data Registers of Polar Metalli Oy

Last updated: June 8th, 2022

Polar Metalli Oy is a Finnish limited liability company which has both personal and corporate customers in both Finland and abroad. Polar Metalli Oy administrates and owns the following websites:, and It also has its own online store at This privacy policy applies to all of these websites as well as other customer interfaces in which we process the personal data of customers, suppliers, potential customers, and potential employees/trainees. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Finnish law.

This document will be updated as necessary, and possible changes will be reported on the homepage of Polar Metal and in the online store.


1. Controller

Polar Metalli Oy (Business ID: FI06793304)
Teollisuuskylänraitti 5
94450 Keminmaa

Tel. +358 (0)400–284 400


2. Person Responsible for Register Matters

Lea Åman
Polar Metalli Oy
Teollisuuskylänraitti 5
94450 Keminmaa

Tel. +358 (0)400–284 400


3. The Purpose and Legal Basis of the Processing of Personal Data, the Registers, the Regular Sources of Personal Data, and the Contents of the Registers

Polar Metalli Oy can process personal data when the data subject has given consent for this, or when it is a matter of a legitimate interest (customership, membership or employment relationship), a contract, a statutory obligation, or the public interest (e.g. research and archiving).

Polar Metalli Oy keeps a customer register in electronic format, in which personal data is collected in writing, digitally, or orally from (potential) customers themselves, for the purposes of making offers, processing and delivering orders, customer communications, and the processing of claims. Customers must be of legal age in order to order products from Polar Metalli and to be entered in our customer register. The data in the customer register are not used in automated decision making or profiling.

The electronic customer register is located on Polar Metalli’s own server in Finland maintained by DataNix Ky (FI26283255). It may contain the following personal data:
• name
• invoicing and postal address
• order information
• phone number
• (e-mail address)
• language code (e.g. Finnish or English)
• currency (e.g. euro or dollar).

In the case of a corporate customer, the register may also contain the following information:
• business ID
• information about invoicing and delivery methods
• retailer prices
• contact person and their contact details.

If the customer has ordered a product/products from Polar Metalli’s internet store (, the personal data they have given (name, invoicing and delivery address, phone number, and e-mail address) and delivery information are also in the internet store platform. The personal data on it are located on a Finnish server.

The personal data register also includes all persons who have ordered our newsletter. The newsletter can be ordered at either,,,,, or A so-called e-mail register of all the persons who have ordered the newsletter is saved on a server administrated by the company offering the marketing platform. Polar Metalli can send newsletters, which the customer/data subject can cancel at any time, to these e-mail address through the marketing platform in question. In the same system is also saved the information that the (potential) customer has sent to us using the electronic forms on our website This information can include name, address, phone number, and e-mail address as well as background information. This information is needed for processing orders and/or answering questions posed by the customer.

The jobseeker register contains work and training applications and CVs received by Polar Metalli and which the jobseekers have sent to Polar Metalli themselves. The personal data in question is processed for the purpose of finding and hiring new employees/trainees.

If the person has participated in a contest or prize draw organised by Polar Metalli Oy, for example at conventions or fairs, information given by the person themselves (name, phone number, address and e-mail address) will be retained only until the contest/prize draw has come to an end and the prize has been delivered to the winner. After this the personal data will be destroyed appropriately.

On our websites we also use cookies, Snoobi Analytics, and Google Analytics, which collect information about e.g. the IP address, sites visited, browsers used, and the route by which users arrive at our site. However, this information is not saved in our customer register. Of the information gathered by Google Analytics and Snoobi Analytics we only process/analyse on a general level the number of visitors to the site, the time spent on the site, the most popular subpages, the location (country) of visitors, and the route by which visitors arrive at our site. The customer/user of our website can affect the use of cookies by changing the cookie settings of their internet browser.

The newsletter is sent only to (potential) customers who have ordered the Polar Metalli, Polar Grilli, MyPizzaMoments, or Polar Shop newsletter. Advertisements created by Polar Metalli and intended for social media can be seen by persons who have enabled advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms and/or in Google services. You can read about Facebook’s/Instagram’s own data protection and cookie policies here: and You can read about Google’s data protection policies here:

An electronic marketing register is kept of new potential customer companies. It contains data collected, e.g., from the websites of different companies or by buying company contact information that fulfill search criteria (company name, industry and address as well as contact person’s name, work e-mail address and work number) from parties selling it. Their representatives, and also the existing representatives of customer companies, can be sent marketing communications, such as newsletters, if they haven’t separately disallowed it by either contacting our customer service or removing themselves from the mailing list.

An electronic supplier register is kept of our suppliers. It contains data about our suppliers: company name, business ID, address, phone number, e-mail address, contact person’s name, and information about previous orders made by Polar Metalli.


4. Processors and Receivers of Personal Data

The personal data in the customer register are processed only by those employees of Polar Metalli Oy whose job includes management of orders and/or customer communications. They are all bound by professional secrecy. We also use carefully selected subcontractors who can, in certain cases, process and/or see our customer data. These receiver groups are

• domestic and foreign logistics companies that deliver orders to our customers
• marketing and communications firms that carry out corporate communications procedures for us
• online store and marketing platform administrators and technical support persons. The platforms in question are administrated by American companies, and as such personal data may also be saved on servers outside of the EU. If (potential) customers do not want personal data to be saved about them on the platforms in question, we ask them not to use our internet store and/or not to send forms/order the newsletter through our website. Orders and queries can also be performed by phone, in which case order information will only be saved on Polar Metalli’s own servers, located in Finland.


5. Personal Data Retention Time and Protection

Customer personal data is retained in the Polar Metalli Oy customer register only as long as necessary for the management of the customer relationship and/or marketing reasons, after which it is deleted. Personal data on the internet store or marketing platforms are deleted upon customer request (see section 6). The information in the jobseeker register is retained for one (1) year from its arrival, after which it is deleted. The information is protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means.

If the person has participated in a contest or prize draw organised by Polar Metalli Oy, information given by the person themselves will be retained only until the contest/prize draw has come to an end and the prize has been delivered to the winner. After this the personal data will be destroyed appropriately.

All customer information is processed confidentially, and customer information is not sold to third parties. If we notice a data leak, we will notify the affected parties immediately and also relate the information to the supervisory authorities. Polar Metalli Oy is not responsible for data security problems arising from, e.g., the customer’s careless internet behaviour.

If (potential) customers comment or like the content of a post we share on social media or share it themselves, they are subject to the data protection policy of the social media platform in question.

Polar Metalli Oy is not responsible for possible data security leaks caused by third parties or concerning them.


6. The Rights of Natural Persons Who Are in the Customer Register

Data subjects have
a) the right to inspect and change their own personal data, or in other words the right to see what data about them has been saved in our personal data register, and the right to request the rectification of their own personal data
b) the right to be forgotten, or in other words to have their own personal data removed from the company’s (Polar Metalli Oy) personal data register
c) the right to transfer their own personal data to another company
d) the right to restrict the processing of their own personal data and their transfer from one system to another
e) the right to retract their previously given consent to processing of their personal data
f) the right to object to the processing of their personal data
g) the right to unsubscribe from the direct marketing/newsletters sent by Polar Metalli Oy (including, and
h) the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities.

Practical Instructions
If your legitimate issue concerns items a, b, c, d, e or f (see above), please contact the Polar Metalli Oy customer service (Polar Metalli Oy, Teollisuuskylänraitti 5, 94450 Keminmaa, Finland, or tel. +358 400–284 400). You must be able to verify your identity by visiting the Polar Metalli Oy office and presenting an official personal identification document. In addition, you will sign a document concerning the request. After this, Polar Metalli Oy has one (1) month to deliver your requested information or to provide an explanation of the reasons why the requested information could not be delivered in the given time.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters (see item g), you can do it by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter. If necessary you can also contact the Polar Metalli Oy customer service.

If you believe we have acted wrongly in matters concerning the processing of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In that case, please contact the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman (see