Making gems out of sheet metal – Polar Metalli

Polar Metalli combines the vision and passion for manufacturing sheet metal products and the experience of a 30-year-old family business. Our expertise is among the top of the industry, and we believe in continuous development. We make gems out of sheet metal – products that improve our contract manufacturing clients’ business and provide unforgettable experiences to the end-users.


Contract manufacturing of sheet metal products

We offer our clients our 38 years of experience in manufacturing sheet metal products. Our flexible production processes and quick deliveries make it easy for you to concentrate on your business. In addition to manufacturing, our knowhow in logistics and warehousing means we can offer a comprehensive service package to support your business.


Knowhow based on our own products

We have polished our knowhow in the manufacturing and delivery of our own products. As you start your cooperation with us, you will get to utilise our experience of many decades.

 Our own products include fireplaces, grills and design products made out of stainless steel. A large part of our production is exported: to all the Nordic countries, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. In Finland, our products are sold in our online shop and in hardware and building materials stores.


Sustainable design and manufacturing since 1984

In 1984, Tapio Saukko founded Polar Metalli in his garage. The first of our own products – dampers – soon became the most trusted in Finland, and today we are the leading manufacturer of dampers. Our damper was born out of the desire to create a safe and durable product that combines first-class design and high-quality materials.

The same values still direct our operations today, as the second generation of the Saukko family – Markus, Matti and Hannele – have taken the lead, and we employ over 40  sheet metal professionals.

Our age structure is exceptionally young, and our passionate personnel takes the industry boldly forward.